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Lancement du livre Global Crossroads in Social Welfare à Hong Kong, China

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June 12th, 2010

Book Launch Global Crossroads in Social Welfare

Emergent Issues, Debates and Innovations across the Globe in Hong Kong

In a global perspective Social Work and Social Development gain a rather distinct notion as it is not possible anymore to maintain the commonly accepted standards and quarrels as they are known from the national perspectives. New approaches have to be developed not only and possibly not primarily by simple extensions and enhancement of existing rights. Rather, entirely different issues arise. I many cases this means as well that new opportunities for empowerment and new issues gain importance. It is especially about questions as

* the meaning and importance of economic issues - including not least the quest for a redefinition of the economic itself,

* the work on the links between different societal issues, not least close link between social development and environment

* the importance of social movements and the redefinition of empowerment strategies.

All this means not least that much can be learned by the so-called developed countries from those who are considered as in need of development. The truth probably is that we can only together understand what global development should be about.  

During the Joint World Conference- June 10th - 14th, 2010) the book "Global Crossroads in Social Welfare. Emergent Issues, Debates and Innovations across the Globe", edited by Elieth P. Eyébiyi (Benin), Peter Herrmann (Ireland/Finland/Hungary), Veronica Sheen (Australia) had been launched on the 12th of June, very much dealing with developments that had been pointed on in the short note above.


(The photo shows Elieth during the presentation in Hong Kong)

It had been published as volume XI of the series "Studies in Comparative Social Pedagogies and International Social Work and Social Policy" conditions on request - please, contact for details the publisher: order [at] 

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